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Free Renewable Energy

The time is running out for utility companies to be able to put a meter on electrical energy. Our program is a symbol of things to come because with our solar power home living transition program we can keep the utility companies away from your pocket forever and any kind of payment away from your pocket for at least a Full year but in many cases forever!

One feature that makes our solar power system service partner different and special is the fact that it is owned by our clients that wish to participate and the agents that share the Solar Stimulus program with homeowners.

Through our solar panel system service partner, we are educating Homeowners how to leverage the home equity that the panel system provides for the Homeowner to not only raise the value of the home, but to also make the actual payments for the solar panels themselves!

Solar Power Home Systems is literally partnered with the fastest growing Solar Power Energy company in America and our service provider has already ranked top 1000 companies in the US! The way we are positioning ourselves and homeowners in the renewable energy market literally eliminates all competition.

We are not limited by brand or company, however, we offer an extra layer of protection above and beyond the Manufacturers 20+ year warranties.

Solar Stimulus Program

Learn how to switch to Solar Power Home Living without spending any of your own money!


Redundancy is a great policy when it comes to your energy. Solar Panel Systems for Home are great but what if you need to leave your home?

Check out our growing inventory of portable generators. From Solar Generators to Gas Powered Inverter Generators.


Don’t let the rapidly rising cost of electricity enslave you and your family!

Solar Stimulus

No More Electricity or Solar Payments for 1 Year Minimum!

Whole Home Battery Backup

No More Lights Out During Black Out!

Solar Power Home Living

No More Throwing Away Money!

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