Energy Storage

Without energy storage, your lights go out just like the next house with no Solar Panels. Learn why are energy storage is the best in the market.

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Generators for Home

The cost to own a Power Generator for Home has decreased considerably. Don’t let the food in your fridge spoil just because the grid goes down. Check out our Power Generator Inventory

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Solar Energy for Homes

Here’s the bottom line. We will help you become your own power utility. Say “goodbye” to electric bills. We will even write you a check for a whole year of your solar panel system payments!

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Schedule your Free 30 minute Virtual Solar Assessment Now. We value your time and our time. If we discover your home is not a good fit for solar or you decide its not what you are looking for, as long as you allow us to complete the appointment, we will gift you $25 as a “Thank You” for your time. Our consultants are extremely knowledgeable and our goal is to educate homeowners so that they are never taken advantage of.

Make a note on the scheduling form with the best time that works for you and if you would like a virtual assessment or an “in person” preliminary site survey. You can stay in your PJ’s if you want. You just need a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

“I can’t believe I haven’t had to pay a dime for my $70,000 system and I may not ever have to spend any money out of my pocket for the whole loan term!”

Floyd’s Story

Learn why being your own Solar Power System Client is the best way to transition to Solar Power Home Living!

Frank’s need for his utility company was eliminated and doesn’t have to worry about an electric bill or solar loan payment fir 24 months!

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Frank’s Story

“I was the first customer for a new area installer that they added. These guys were horrible but Solar Power Home Systems did not leave hanging. They made sure my issues got resolved and they even paid me for the times I had to stay home from work. Now I am setup correctly, I don’t have an electric bill and I don’t have to worry about a Solar Loan Payment for over a year!

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Rolando’s Story

“I love my battery! It’s the safest one on the market and I can program when I want the battery to activate on low production days if any. It also knows when bad weather is coming and automatically adjusts the settings accordingly!”

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Kandi’s Story